Thursday, 24 May 2012

TY Reflection

TY has come to an end! Not just saying this but it has honestly been one of the best years ever:) All the trips, days out, activities and work experience of course have all been great. I have made so many new friends this year it's crazy, I have talked to everyone in my year ,people I didn't talk to much from first to third year. 
I think I've matured a lot since the start of the year also, like this time last year I would never have been ready to go straight into fifth year but now I feel im ready for it, and have a better attitude towards it.  I have found myself to be quite punctual during the year as I've always handed in projects and homework on the due date , which is something you have a lot in TY , dealing with deadlines teachers give you. 
TY has thought me that I can work really well in a team and can work well under pressure (mini company county finals ahhh!) It has given me skills I can take on with me into fifth and sixth year like communication, participation and confidence. Im really sad to be leaving TY ,Fódla and all the memories behind :( I know this cheesy but im so grateful to be given the opportunity to do TY because It has been an amazing experience , i'll never forget it!  

Monday, 21 May 2012

One more week left in TY..Whaaat?D:

We have one more week til TY night then after that Summer holidays, crazy!  so much preparation for it though, We're doing Zumba and Charleston dancing and to be honest it's not very good, it looks really messy so everyone needs to perfect the dances and keep in time with each other so it looks good :) Im excited for it though hopefully it's a good night. 
There is a lot on this week. We have a 'Drive For Life' workshop on Tuesday and it's also sports day that day too, so it will be real busy! On Wednesday then we're off to Trinity College in Dublin to a science exhibition. Im looking forward to that aswell! That just leaves Thursday and Friday for practicing and the likes for Monday! ahhh did I mention we have 2 english essays due for Friday tooo?,oh the stress of it all ! Haha just messing , im gonna make the most of our last week in TY:( 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sci Fest :)

Yesterday Ty's and first years competed in the annual Sci-Fest competition in Tallaght IT in Dublin. It was a great day out and the school came home with five winners! this was a wonderful achievement  for the students and the school:)  My project on Ithcyothereapy  which was originally entered in the young scientist competition was on display for the judges , they came around and asked us lots of questions about it , it went really well I felt!  Sadly , it didn't win a prize, but it was really great to see my friends get awards for theirs so its all good. 
There was also a number of talks available to us on the day given by lecturers in the college. I went to one about cool chemistry, basically it was a man blowing up stuff and setting things things on fire. It was actually so fun to watch ,  I really enjoyed it! I also went to a talk  on fighting crime with science. This was so interesting and was all about how criminals get convicted from small traces of DNA evidence left behind at a crime scene. 
Overall It was a great day out :) Thabks to the science teachers for organising it ! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


On Friday all the people in TY doing Gaisce went on a 25km hike in the Wicklow Mountains! We stayed in a place called the Kippure Lodge. There was 3 houses that had around 10 people in each one. The house was lovely and had an oven,microwave,fridge and a dishwasher!! They came in handy for the food afterwards! yum:)  On the friday we arrived in Wicklow at 4 and started the first 13km of the hike. There was a lot of uphill walking that day which was really hard because every time you walked up you thought you were at the top of the mountain but when you got there you just had to look up and see there was loads more to go! :( not good! but it was good to have a challenge and set yourself a goal to reach the top:) After that everyone was soo tired and HUNGRY! so when we got back to the house everyone cooked their food , we all had bought a ridiculous amount of pizza , chicken, noodles, crisps, chocolate, sweets, popcorn basically an endless amount of foood! 
After a pretty sleepless night if im honest we were up and dressed and ready to do the rest of the hike the next morning :) I didn't find Saturday as hard as the last day probably cos most if it was just straight walking and wasen't really uphill !  It was a great feeling after we finished it because you really feel like you achieved something :) Before we got the bus home on Saturday we did the high ropes activity which I didn't take part in because I HATE heights! :( But it was good to watch the other girls do them. I was so nervous for them doing the leap of faith and the balance beam! Ahh so scary!!
Overall It was a fantastic two days and im so glad I did Gaisce because its so worth it :) Another thing was the rain stayed off for the weekend , that was great! :D AMEN haha 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Retreat :)

On Tuesday Last my class Fódla went on our retreat to Glendalough in Co.Wicklow. It was a good day to take time out of the normal school schedule and focus on life and reflect on yourself. We were lead around by Fr.Michael and he showed us St Kevin's house that he lived in thousands of years ago and the old cathedral he built. We also got to go down by the river where St.Kevin used to pray. There we were told to pick up some water in our hands and let it fall through , letting go all anger and pain inside us , this was a nice relaxing exercise we were shown and I really liked it :) After lunch we went out walking again but unfortunately it rained very heavily and we all got very wet :( Despite all that though I did enjoy the rest of the day and found it interesting and relaxing. We got the bus back for four at the end of the day :) Thanks to Mr Kerrigan for organising the retreat :)  
Ms L asked us to long onto and create a motivational picture on something we remembered and took with us from the retreat I have done 'life isn't about finding yourself ,it's about creating yourself' because I think i think its really true and  motivating :D enjoy.. 


Swim a Mile :)

On Friday April 20th all ty's went to the NAC in Blancharstown for the Ian Daly Swim a Mile with a Smile:) This is an annual charity event which I have been taking part in myself for the past six years now and its always something I look forward to every year :) Its in honor of Ian Daly, a close neighbor of mine who died of an aggressive brain tumor in 2003. The Swim is to raise money for child cancer care and Barrettstown Camp for children who are very sick. I swam a whole mile which I was extremely pleased with as we only had a certain time limit in the pool ! Some girls did the mile themselves and others did it in a team :)  Altogether ty's swam a total of 40 miles, which is a new record for St Wolstans!! This was such a great achievement , well done girls!:D 

To find out more about this wonderful cause please click here :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Freee class

We have a free IT class cos Ms L is not in. I don't really know what to blog about !
Last night was the annual music night. It is a night organised by the music department in the school . There is performances from music students in each year. Everyone was great! Our class Fódla did Wake me up before you go go.. one word.. FAIL! it was so bad and emabressing oh god, cringiest night ever!
Suppose it's the taking part that counts.....
I can't wait for EASTER! Two weeks off woooo :) We get our holidays tommorow, Hopefully the weather stays sunny , it has been amazing all week, like 21 degrees :O We had french class outside the other day it was actually soo much fun, Think I even got sunburnt on my cheeks! In March? who would've thought..
Ahhh I actually have so much work to do for tommorow ! I have to do finish creative writing essay, english homework, geography project , and do mini company stuff , arggggh. Ty has made me so lazy !
I wanna start reading the hunger games over easter ! everyone says it's amazing, plus we're suppposed to be reading it in english sooo maybe I should get a move on.. the nI can see the movie once ive read it haha!
Well anyways that's pretty much all I have to say really.. Slaaaan ( it's bye in irish ;)  )